Hajj Muslim Pilgrimage

Millions of muslims from all around the world are gathering in mecca saudi arabia to perform hajj the muslim pilgrimage it takes place only once a year in the 12th and final month of the. The annual five day pilgrimage known as the hajj is required of all muslims who can physically and financially make the journey.

Five Facts About Hajj The Fifth Pillar Of Islam Facts About The

Hajj Religious Holidays

Over 2 Million Muslims Begin Annual Hajj Pilgrimage

This holy journey is called the hajj in arabic.

Hajj muslim pilgrimage. Muslim pilgrims pray as they watch thousands of pilgrims circumambulate around the kaaba the cubic building at the grand mosque ahead of the hajj pilgrimage in the muslim holy city of mecca. The hajj is the second largest annual gathering of muslims in the world after the arbaeen pilgrimage in karbala iraq. While a visit to mecca is beneficial any time of the year it must take place during the month.

Hajj is the fifth pillar of islam which involves men and women making a pilgrimage to mecca makkah in saudi arabia. Nearly 2 million muslim pilgrims are gathering in the holy city of mecca in saudi arabia for the hajj. Hajj is considered one of the five pillars of islam.

Hajj refers to a muslims pilgrimage to mecca and is one of the five pillars of islam. Muslim pilgrims cast stones at the huge stone pillar in the symbolic stoning of the devil during the annual hajj pilgrimage on the first day of eid al adha in mina. At least once in his or her lifetime each muslim is expected to undertake this pilgrimage the sacred city of islam.

Millions of muslims will convene in mecca saudi arabia on aug. Muslims are required to make the pilgrimage once in their lifetime if they are physically and financially able to make the journey to mecca. Muslims are supposed to make the journey at least once in their lifetime.

The hajj arabic for pilgrimage is a five day religious pilgrimage to mecca and nearby holy sites in saudi arabia that all muslims who are physically and financially able must perform. Ap pilgrims spend three days. The state of being physically and financially capable of performing the hajj is called istitaah and a muslim who fulfils this condition is called a mustati.

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